Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

I love being a Portland Oregon wedding photographer. So I was super excited to have Nicole and Zane’s engagement shoot published in Junebug Weddings. It’s always a pleasure to be featured by the good folks over there. I was back east to shoot this engagement session at Carolina Beach State Park located right outside of Wilmington, NC where I used to live and be based out of. I still travel back to NC quite a bit for weddings as I transition fully to the west coast. It’s been a wild ride this last few months for sure and I’m really glad Nicole and Zane could be a part of it. I met Nicole doing some commercial work for The Landmark Project which make some really great outdoor branded clothing. She was modeling for me and let me know she was engaged. It was easy peasy from there on out. It’s always great when you can meet a couple and hit it off right away. I really try to emphasize that part of relationship building with my work as I want to be able to build friendships with my wedding clients as often as possible. For the shoot itself I thought it was going to stay gray and overcast the entire time. At the very last minute I changed shooting locations in the park in hope that we might capture at least a little sun. I was no disappointed. About 10 minutes before sunset the sun broke through the clouds and drenched everything in this amazing warm orange glow. We took some of my favorite photos of the night during that time. Soon as it came though, it was gone. For the last photo of the night I rented a campsite in the park just so we could start a campfire. Once the sun dipped down we got in my car and headed to the campsite i rented and started as big of a fire as we could. I had this idea in my head of them looking into each other’s eyes while the flames danced behind them. It didn’t turn out exactly the way I had it in my head, but I was really happy with the final shot of the night and most importantly, Nicole and Zane loved it.


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