Norquay Canoe Paddles And Camp Mugs

I’ve recently been delving into some commercial photography and this is some of my first work for Norquay Canoe paddles and camp mugs for brands like Seneca Creek and Norquay. This is a little preview of a shoot I did for the Toronto based Norquay brand. They make hand painted cherry canoe paddles and have just recently expanded into apparel as well as these incredibly awesome camp mugs. The quality of these paddles and mugs are really great. I’m updating this post after having and using mine for over a year and they have held up remarkably well to my camping adventures. Not only that, they just look really cool, am I right? I love working with outdoor and adventure themed brands. Part of it is that I just love any new gear. But being able to photograph brands that represent a big part of who I am as someone who loves spending time in the outdoors is really neat. I’ve already been in contact about photographing their next product which is a line of camp blankets that I can assure you look really cool but will also be super functional which is the most important part of products like these. You want something like these cups and paddles that will stand up to the test of time and not break or damage easily. I’m really excited for what’s down the road with these brands and should be able to partner on some more really fun projects.  Can’t wait to help more like minded business grow as we capture some amazing content for them. I’m signing off for the Holidays as it’s been a busy month of being in and out of the states with work. Off to New York and then Quebec for New Years. Cheers everyone!