Hamptons and Montauk NY Wedding

See guys, I don’t always shoot waterfall elopements, take this awesome Hamptons and Montauk NY wedding for example! This was a super traditional church wedding with a reception at a restaurant on the water. I drove all the way out to Montauk, NY which is at the very eastern tip of Long Island. Being a native New Yorker I can honestly say this was my first time in Long Island. I’m from upstate NY near Buffalo which is totally different from what we call “down state”….basically anything near NYC and Long Island. I didn’t know what to expect of the area honestly. I knew NYC was a mess and unfortunately got stuck in rush hour traffic on my way out. BUT when I finally got near the Hamptons and Montauk I was really pleased at how quaint and small town it felt. I thought the Hamptons would be a bit more upscale but it reminded me a lot of growing up in small town New York.


The night I arrived I met Matt and Lauren on the beach for their pre-wedding bonfire with their friends(and a keg of some local beer). Montauk isn’t a big town and I stayed a local hotel with many of the other guests. It was like one of those old roadside motels with a sweet old lady in the front office. The day of the wedding me and my second shooter woke up and drove to the church in East Hampton for the ceremony. The guys got ready at the groom’s house and the girls got ready in a separate room at the church. The church itself was beautiful and had this really warm, golden light to it. After the ceremony some pillars of light were coming through the windows which was just stellar.

After the ceremony we did a few formals outside and drove back to the restaurant for cocktail hour and the reception. The restaurant had this dock that was the perfect viewpoint for a sunset cocktail with friends. Soon we all headed in for some first dances, cake cutting, toasts and a wild night of partying with friends. About midway through the reception I pulled Matt and Lauren back out for a quick portrait session since the ceremony happened earlier in the day and the light is always best an hour or so before sunset. Once we wrapped those photos up it was back to party time and party they did. Weddings like this reinforce  the face that having an awesome couple just makes it so much more fun.


Also, have to share this video(top of my Facebook page) of Jimmy Fallon wishing Lauren a happy wedding the morning of her wedding. One of the guests ran into him at a local diner and he was super cool to do this.

Hamptons and Montauk NY wedding