Grandfather Mountain NC Wedding

Mike and Mackenzie were originally going to do a Grandfather Mountain NC wedding. Instead they decided to have it at the beach in Wilmington, NC. so for there engagement shoot they wanted a bit of both. I drove out to Boone, NC to photograph the first half of their engagement shoot on a foggy/rainy saturday. The weather down below Grandfather Mountain was pretty bad but up above it was super windy and the fog and rain was really bad. The top of Grandfather is always that way. Even on a beautiful day you’ll have 30-40 mile an hour winds kick through. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to be standing above almost the entire state of North Carolina on a cliff and have the wind go racing by. Mike and Mackenzie were hella awesome to work with.

The next half they came down to the coast and we did a session at Fort Fisher which if you’ve read some of my blogs is my favorite place to shoot locally around Wilmington. I loved everything about this shoot. The rain, the ruggedness and the moody light we were lucky enough to get on the beach part of it which is not my usually my favorite place to shoot unless it’s west coast for those dramatic cliffs and light. I am really focusing on refining my business this year. Starting with engagement shoots and weddings. I’ll offer more on this later, but I’ll be pushing hard to have my couples do “adventures sessions” which are basically engagement sessions but taken to a next more awesome outdoor level. We’ll also have more on our westward move that’ll be coming up at the end of next year. I’m excited for new things, new adventures and new couples to climb mountains with who are down to share a beer with me at the end of the session. #mypeople #letsdothis