Grandfather Mountain NC Engagement

Josh and Shelley always wanted a Grandfather Mountain NC engagement session. Since they were married long before I became friends with them they hatched a plan. Their wedding annivserary was coming up close to the date of a camping trip in Boone we were all partaking in. They decided to do a fun “mock” engagement to celebrate their anniversary but also to be goofy and have fun with it. You’ll notice the blankets in a lot of shots. We were making fun of all the recent Instagram posts with random people wrapped in those blankets seemingly for no reason. So please don’t take that too seriously. We were all just having a good bit of fun with it. I’ve become good friends with Josh and Shelley over the last few years. So when Josh invited me out to a cabin he and Shelley had rented for his 30th birthday party(which happens to fall near his anniversary) it was a no brainer. We all basically ate and drank beer the entire weekend but we had one day when the weather was fairly nice so we all trekked up to the top of Grandfather Mountain which is definitely worth the trip if you’ve never been. The “engagement” session was super casual as I like all my sessions to be. I will say this about those blankets, they kept us warm because it was FRIGID up top. The wind was blowing like 40 mph and it was below freezing.  Although, I admit, they do look cool. Hope you guys like the pics and head on over to Hartman Outdoor Photography to check out their work. They’re awesome wedding photographers who enjoy travel and the outdoors as much as me. Can’t wait to see what next year’s session has in store for all of us. I’m sure it’ll be a fun one as well.

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