Charleston SC Bridal Session

This Charleston SC bridal session was worth all the humidity if you ask me. And If you live in the South, then you probably know bridal sessions are quite the popular thing around these parts. I met Rima a few hours south of Wilmington at this old Spanish influenced structure to photograph her bridal portraits. This was a bit of a challenging shoot though. It was incredibly hot and humid that day, like always down in this neck of the woods. We got a late start because she got lost along the way. Luckily though were were still able to use our remaining time wisely and managed to make some great images.  Funny enough there was a wedding at this venue when we arrived(although we were assured there were none that day…). So not only did we run behind on time we had to tip toe around a real wedding which looked amazing if I don’t say so myself. I had time to chat with the wedding photographer before Rima showed up and they were super nice and later when I got home realized how good that person was!(I looked up their portfolio online). Also, if you haven’t been to Charleston(I just got back yesterday), you need to go. I love these old buildings and structures. They have so much character and detail that you just can’t replicate. It reminds of of when I shoot weddings and elopements in Guatemala. All of the old ruins and buildings that aren’t much use practically but boy oh boy do they make great backgrounds for photos. is so much old southern charm that you don’t really find anywhere outside of the low country. Even Wilmington pales in comparison to it.  Anyway, I hope you guys dig this session. We suffered through the heat and mosquitos to bring it to you. So enjoy!