Boulder Co Engagement Session

This Boulder CO engagement session was challenging and a ton of fun. I flew out to Colleen and James hometown of Boulder for this session. This was the first time I was back in Colorado since my stepbrother graduated from high school 20 years go. It’s changed a bit. Boulder is a charming little city to say the least, also extremely expensive. I have been friends with James and Colleen for a few years so we were able to hang out and explore the area for a few days just for fun. Colleen is a local photographer that works with Boulder Magazine  so it was fun to go around town with her because she knows many restaurant and bar owners. For the shoot we started a bit early in the day because we didn’t know how many locations we were going to be able to squeeze in. In Colorado it seems to take 30-40 minutes to get anywhere because of distance and traffic. We started this shoot on top of the mountains just west of Boulder. The wind was terrible as a microburst rolled through and pretty much ruined any chance to get some epic mountain shots with the 50mph wind. It was sketchy at best with them standing on the rocks. After we headed down to a field below the mountain which had this really nice red dirt path that ran through the middle of it. Finally we headed up into the canyon road to photograph the canyon and try and capture some of the warm sunset glow. This shoot was one of the more challenging because the light and weather was CONSTANTLY changing. Apparently, in Colorado the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.” I figured that was some hyperbolic statement, but no, it’s absolutely true. I did love my time in Colorado and shooting this Boulder engagement session with friends was a blast. I look forward to many return trips.