Beach Engagement Session at Fort Fisher


This was a lovely beach engagement session at Fort Fisher. Tom and Whitey had their wedding at the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, VA. They traveled down to Wilmington, NC to have their engagement session done at one of my favorite spots in the south east. This Fort Fisher NC engagement session was really spectacular for a few reasons. Firstly, we had great weather and the sun really lit up that evening which sometimes in the cooler months just doesn’t happen like it will during the hot, muggy summer months. The sunset that nice, as you will see, was really on fire. It just cast a warm glow all over and I was fortunate enough to be able to capture Tom and Whitney in all of it’s sunny glory. To be honest, I’m usually not very excited when people inquire with me about photographing them at the beach. Living in a beach town it’s obviously a VERY popular thing to do. I will say, that if I’m going to shoot at the beach, Fort Fisher is by far the best place to do it. The combination of trees, ocean on one side, river on the other and geographic features such as mountains and large rocks make it a favorite local spot of mine. Oh, and they had a dog, I’m always a huge fan of dogs. I’m also a huge fan of any beach engagement session at Fort Fisher for obvious reasons.

I’ll be posting their wedding blog later down the road. Their venue was an old iron works building on the river in Richmond. It’s full of history and really beautiful brick buildings. The combination of having a very natural setting for their engagement and a very industrial/urban venue for the wedding really complimented each other nicely.


If you have any questions about shooting down at Fort Fisher I’d be happy to answer. It’s usually quite full of other photographers(none as cool as me though), so I know a few secret spots to make your session just a little bit more unique.