Antigua Guatemala Street Portraits

These Antigua Guatemala street portraits have been a plan of mine for a long time. This is the last bunch of personal photos I took while in Antigua. I had some time early one day before a shoot and thought it’d be fun to ask people what happiness meant to them. Below are the photos with a summary interpretation of what they told me. There are some other photos mixed in with the project as well that I took on the same day walking around speaking to people. Also, some people didn’t want to respond but allowed me to photograph them.

I just wanted to preface this with saying one of the things I always notice when I travel to developing countries like Guatemala is how happy people seem to be even when they don’t have much in the way of material possessions. The first time I visited Guatemala I went to a small village near my friends coffee farm in one of the poorest states. The people in the village were so happy and always smiling. They worked long hours out in the mountains but seemed to really enjoy the slower, simpler life. When I fly back to the United States the first thing I noticed is how caught up and unhappy people look. They’re worried about things that are fleeting and materialistic while letting important things like family, friends and really enjoying the simple things go to the wayside.


Here are a few of the Antigua Guatemala Street Portraits and the people’s answers.


What does happiness mean to  you?

“I don’t know”

“Happiness for me is working, having good health, and being with my family”


“Here in Guatemala, welcome anyone who wants to visit us. I am an artist. I want Guatemala to raise it’s standard of education so my people are well educated so they don’t have to be thieves and join gangs. I want my people to be happy have good health and I say to hello to anyone that hears my voice.”


“I am happy because you are buying from me. I am happy because I thank God when I wake up I am healthy and alive.”

“I am happy because my job is an adventure. Sometimes I don’t make any money because I’m a farmer. So I come down to the city and work my second job with the horses and tourists.”

“Treats and head rub…woof.”

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“I am happy because I can make a living in the place where I was born. I am single so I enjoy when people buy my flowers to help me.”

“Everything makes me happy. I also enjoy the cold and rainy weather.”

“Happiness is enjoying the time God gave us. Enjoying each minute”