Portland Oregon Pizza

So now that I’m working on building up a food photography portfolio I wanted to share some recent work I did shooting some Portland Oregon pizza. I’m trying to be a lot better at blogging my work. Eventually I’ll end up switching my portfolio to blog posts only so I’ve really gotta get some of the old content back up. This however is fresh out of the oven!(like that pun?). I traveled up to Philadelphia last week to shoot some food for Pat’s Pizza. I’ve photographed food before but only for fun and not in a commercial setting. Now that I’m branching out from just wedding photography this was my first official food photography gig on the books. Pats is redoing their menu and needed a fresh take on their photos. I like to photograph food with all natural light if possible. It’s not only the easiest but I also believe it’s the best light most of the time. IN this case we were going for a rustic feel that looked fresh and home made. The soft natural light added to that feel and helped represent the feeling I was trying to get across to the consumer when they view the photos. I can’t wait to start shooting more food in Portland as it’s really a good bit of fun and much more relaxed than a wedding or portrait session.  I definitely plan on shooting a lot more still life and brand/lifestyle photography this year. If you’re interested in collaborating shoot me a message and we can talk shop on taking care of  your needs. I’ll be out in Portland the middle of this year and I’m really looking forward to working with some great people and building up some long term relationships. I’m always available to talk about an idea or answer any questions.

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