Coastal Carolina Engagement Shoot

This coastal Carolina engagement shoot of Paige and Joe was just such an awesome day. As you all know I travel a lot, and one of the great things about travel is I get to be a Charleston SC wedding photographer among other extraordinary places. Joe is a Marine and Paige lives in Ohio. She drove over 10 hours to visit with Joe for the weekend and squeeze in this engagement shoot. Originally she wanted fall foliage vibes but since that’s pretty near impossible to find in the low country we opted for a forest near the water which had a good mix of rustic and beach feel to it. I will point out that Paige’s hair and styling was so on point! That dress and hair made this photoshoot. I love when clients have a great sense of style. The light was pretty harsh at the beginning of the shoot. I try and work with shadows when it’s really bright. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do except embraces the harsh light and make it work for you instead of against you. As the day wore on the light got progressivlely better and we moved out to the sandy area next to the water. The sun was absolutely brilliant for about 10 minute and I wished I could have hit the pause button right then and there. Unfortunately you don’t get to do that. After the sun set we did a few more photos with the soft post sunset light and wrapped it up. You can’t tell but it was frigid and extremely windy that day. Paige was happy to get back to the car after running around in the dress for the better part of the evening. I really love this session and it’s what makes me love shooting in the low country near Charleston. Looking forward to many more low country evenings and photoshoots!

charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-1 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-2 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-3 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-4 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-5 Coastal Carolina Engagement shoot with dark moody lighting and a boho dress charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-7 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-8 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-9 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-10 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-11 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-12 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-13 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-14 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-15 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-16 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-17 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-18 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-19 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-20 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-21 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-22 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-23 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-24 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-25 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-26 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-27 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-28 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-29 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-30 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-31 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-32 charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-33 Charleston SC Wedding Photographer charleston-sc-wedding-photographer-35